Resellers and Partners can take benefits from priviledges and special discounts granted by musIC Pro-Audio Engineering on request.

From the viewpoint of sales there is no difference between a reseller and a partner. Both are independed dealers and sell musIC products from their own location and for their own benefits. In addition they both handle possible warranty claims during the first 24 month after purchase for their customers locally - just for the customers convenience.

Both -resellers and partners- have to proof their commercial state by providing us with copy of a 'trade license' or a comparable document.

But  partners provide additional services to customers and do a wider promotion for musIC products.

  • Mounting of AnyMic/i devices into instruments by qualified luthiers  or other qualified instrument maker
  • Keep at least one demo instrument with an AnyMic/i installed for demo purposes
  • Provide equipment for demo of musIC products and for testing after installation of AnyMic/i devices.


Resellers get a global discount of 20% on the net price of musIC products.

Partners get a higher global discount of 30%.
In addition there are also bonus products available exclusive for partners with an extra discount per product of 5-10%.

Partners can also buy AnyMiy/i devices in a very cost-effective 'bulk' packaging (exclusive for partners) which is important for instrument makers in order to save cost for a retail packaging.

So for the basis you are standing on you can make your decision to apply as reseller or partner and take your benefits from either program.

In either case check your registration data in your customer profile before you apply for partnership as reseller or partner. This can take you quick and smooth through the application processing.

  • First an foremost your "Company name" should be filled-in in your registration
  • Business partners in the European Union (EU) must provide their 'Tax exemption number' and set 'Tax usage type' to 'Reverse-Charge'.
    Otherwise we are not allowed to take you as 'commercial' buyer even if you supply us with a trade license. The senders and receipents 'tax exception numbers' must be both on the 'invoice'.
  • Business partners outside the European Union (EU) can leave the "Tax exemption number" empty and specify "Tax usage type" to 'Outside EU, no VAT'.
    In general:  Deliveries outside the EU are subject to 'customs regulations'; i.e. 'customs-fee' and 'import tax' is handled by the authorities of the  target country. We are in no way responsible for this. But we do our best to assist you in a smooth delivery process.


For more detailed information and how to apply for an agreement of your choice see the pages:

  • Reseller program
  • Partner program