For the AnyMic external devices (AnyMic/1 & AnyMic/4) we offer our specially designed 'cable microphones'


The AnyMic concept separates the view on:

  • microphone circuit and microphone connector (AnyMic core)
  • the applied microphone cartridge (the actual "microphone")

A 'cable microphone' constitutes the component "microphone cartridge" in a flexible connectable manner that can be placed nearly invisible in front of the "sound object". In many cases a microphone stand can be saved ...


AnyMic Mikrokabel4

An AnyMic cable microphone consists of:

  • a 3,5mm jack with gold-plated contacts from  AMPHENOL/Audio
  • the cable part to the microphone cartridge made of high-grade low-capacity high-frequency cable with selected low impedance.
  • and the microphone cartridge that is covered by a high-frequency rubber bushing at the other cable end.

A windshield is supplied with every cable microphone for situations where wind noises can occur.

On the cable end is a VELCRO strap (captively) mounted to fasten the microphone practically everywhere, where you would like to microphone an instrument.

You can use the VELCRO strap to wrap it around  any kind of gear rod to fasten the microphone end. Or you can roll-up the strip to attach it to a VELCRO pad that is placed in a firm place to hold the microphone end.

Microphone stands can be saved often this way and 'hidden miking' becomes reality

AnyMIc ... any way ...


The actual microphone (microphone cartridge in a rubber bushing) is fairly slim and just about 4 cm long with a diameter of 12mm at the end



AnyMic Mikro deliveredl For open-air use or where ever else strong air-flow can be expected (e.g. near to a hi-hat in a drumset), a windshield is supplied with every cable microphone.


AnyMic cable microphones are provided in standard lengths of 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5 meters

(Other lengths on request)


We offer AnyMic cable microphones with microphone cartridges of different quality levels. You may pick your choice in the shop. See there for the specifications you might need.