AnyMic/i in a live session ...
Mark Beumers live at "Hoeve de Linde"
Countryside music café & Musician meeting point
Vaals, The Netherlands,30-May-2019

Martin Wesely playing an AnyMic/i mounted into his brand-new flamenco guitar


The same - but this time 'direct recording'; i.e. directly from cable into recorder with no amplifier or outside microphone involved.


Another sound sample running through a 3D spectrum analyser.

Several genres and styles.
Played on a SIGMA dreadnaught steel-string guitar

Direct recording; i.e. no amp or outside microphone involved. This gets you the maximum suppression of ambient and audience noises.


Some jamming on two guitars that are equiped with AnyMic/i

3rd Braunschweiger Guitar Days, 15-Sep-2018 ...