Extended 3-Year Warranty ... worldwide ...

musIC Pro-Audio-Engineering grants a world-wide extended 3-Year ‚manufacturer warranty‘ on all products and accessories manufactured by musIC starting with the day of purchase.

Inside Germany the usual ‚implied warranty‘ of 24 months applies and is handled by the dealer you have bought the product from, if you did not directly buy from the online-shop at musIC. Registered resellers & partners of musIC Pro-Audio Engineering in other countries than Germany also stick to the rules of 'implied warranty' and will handle such warranty claims for your convenience.

if you directly bought your product from the online-shop at musIC you can address all warranty claims directly to musIC Pro-Audio-Engineering.

To claim 'manufacturer warranty' see the relevant information about warranty claims for your location (Germany, EU & non-EU), since these can turn out essentially different - in particular for non-EU countries, since 'customs regulations' play a big role here.

Regarding the specific handling of warranty claims for your location see the information here:

Note: Since we cannot handle a warranty case 'anonymously' you must register and log in. From your registration we will have all your contact and delivery data. If you are logged in, you find the 'Warranty form' in the head-menu "Support".

Excluded from this 'manufacturer-warranty' are:

  • Batteries & accus
  • Damage, that is caused by inappropriate usage
  • Damage caused by accidents & fire


For devices and accessories of other manufacturers, please place your warranty claims directly at those manufacturers.