TriQ ... is an active inline 3-band graphical equalizer ...

If ambient resonances (hum and screetches) are pestering you in a stage situation there must be something done against it ...

TriQ will be looped-in into your small-signal path and can eliminate disturbing feedback from ambient resonances. Under hard circumstances TriQ can be applied in cascaded fashion.


TriQ ... is the Trick ...

TriQ Collection

TriQ Fronts

Frontpanel Standard & /plus model .......................................................... Frontpanel /pro model


TriQ Rear

Rear panel (common to all models)


All models feature  polarity protection: "PolProtect".

But ... a power supply with wrong polarity is not just blocked.

A TriQ works with any polarity by setting the polarity right internally.


TriQ is available in 3 variants:


Standard (budget) model

Home use; Amateur- and Hobby-musicians

  • High-grade on-board potentiometers with ready-to-use knurled axis for easy manufacturing
  • No knobs that might get lost
  • High-grade J-FET operational amplifiers from TI (Texas Instruments)
  • NEUTRIK sockets



For professionals at home or in the studio.

Design as the TriQ standard model - but SoundPlus™ amplifiers just like the '/pro' model


For professionals under rough stage situations and best studio results

  • High-grade traditionell potentiometers with 'unbreakable' two-layer knobs for use under rough stage situations.
  • SoundPlus™ J-FET operational amplifiers for input and output
  • NEUTRIK sockets, gold-plated

All models feature a "PolProtect" power input; i.e. you don't have to take care which polarity your power jack has.
TriQ  works with any polarity that the power jack provides as long as it is a DC power supply in the range of 9-15 volt.
So your power supply cannot actually have a 'wrong' polarity,

TriQ will just work ... setting the polarity right internally - it's just magic!


For the 'tech nerd'  ...

  • All TriQ models provide a high-precision and costly 'rail splitter' from TI (Texas Instruments) for an exact 'virtual ground' with an offset voltage smaller than 5mV.
  •  The SoundPlus™ amplifiers (Burr-Brown; now TI) feature an ultra-low distortion factor of 0,00008% (nominal) and thus can be found in high-grade HiFi systems as well.