AnyMic/4 is the variant as externel microphone-adapter to connect up to 4 autonomous electret microphfones with XLR connectors directly in 2-pin fashion (+/-)  by a 3,5mm jack.

  • No power supply and no batteries needed.
    AnyMic/4 is (like all AnyMics) powered from the XLR phantom power

  • No drillholes in the instrument

  • Any arbitrary electret microphone with 3,5mm jack can be used instantly (e.g. PC microphones, stick-on microphones or any self-made microphone with electret cartridge and 3,5mm jack)

    ... AnyMic ... the name is program ...




All external devices (AnyMic/1 & AnyMic/4) are built into high-grade enclosures that are made of extremely hard aluminum. These enclosures can cope with roughest circumstances on stage ...

AnyMic external devices are provided without microphone so that you can use microphones that you already own (with 3,5mm jacks)


But we also  provide our 'cable microphones' (length 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 meters) that we concetually designed for the purpose with fairly small microphone cartridges. The cable microphones have gold-plated connectors and are made of well shielded low-capacity high-frequency cable material. The microphone cartridges at the other cable end are covered from dust by a rubber bushing. These  microphones can be fastend everywhere by use of a VELCRO strap that is firmly wrapped to the cable so that it cannot get lost.

AnyMic/4 is especially targeted to musicians, which need many microphones for the instrument (drum sets, xylophone, virbraphones, ... and other "wide-spread" instruments)
Up to four microphones can be aggregated (bundled) by a  AnyMic/4 and the signal way is put forward by thinner cable microphones from here.
For an average or bigger drum-set (8..12 Microphones)  2..3 AnyMic/4 are needed.
But of course traditional microphoning and AnyMic techniques can be used in mixed fashion.