AnyMic is a new concept of microphoning instruments.

  • AnyMic is ... a microphone - and is exactly operated this way - with a usual XLR microphone cable
  • AnyMic is ... a pickup system on a microphone basis (instrument microphone) ... as AnyMic/i


AnyMic opens new and contemporary ways to pickup sound ...

AnyMic Production Front small

The 'AnyMic core' device is the basis of the concept.

It consists of an XLR panel mount connector and the microphone circuitry that is directly soldered to the connector pins on the inside by means of card-edge connectors.

So any kind of cabling is avoided for the core device.

All that's needed is a mounting hole ...


The following variants are available:

Inbound microphone
For ultimate instrument sound pick up ...


In this form (with a 'gooseneck' & microphone cartridge) the AnyMic is mounted directly into an instrument body. Inside the instrument, AnyMic/i acts just like a pickup system ...

Outbound microphones
Like 'traditional' microphones - but designed for ultimate flexibility in usage ...


A single AnyMic core in an external enclosure

The actual microphone connector goes through onto a 3.5 mm socket to the back-side where the individual 'cable microphones' connect.

The microphone outlet can be coupled with a cable microphone of your choice and as you like regarding your demands  ...

See also our 'cable-microphones' in the accessory section.


Four autonomous AnyMics in one external enclosure ('outbound microphone') and go through to microphone connectors on the back side where the individual 'cable microphones' connect.

Thus an AnyMic/4 is four microphones in one box. Connectable like AnyMic/1, but is designed for multi-microphoning situations.



AnyMic 'cable microphones' for external enclosures AnyMic/1 & AnyMic/4 (incl. microphone cartridge; 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 meter)