AnyMic in Zarge Classical

AnyMic/i ... the look of professionals ...


AnyMic/i ...  is an 'internal microphone' to be built into acoustical instruments - where it acts just like a pickup system.

The integrity of the instrument is preserved by 100% due to the way of mounting.
Nothing is attached to the top (soundboard) ...


It only needs the mounting hole in the side ...

  • No batteries
  • No cables inside the instrument


Drill, insert, fixate ... done!

... there is no further mounting action or cabeling needed ...
... you just have to connect the microphone cable - and here we go
... with a true microphone sound quality ...
... far beyond piezo screetching ...

AnyMic I Rev3 woundupAnyMic I Cartridge Rev3

Engineered, designed and made in Germany.
Manufactured by hand and every piece is separately quality-checked.


  • Suitable for practically all instruments with an acoustic body
    • Classical  and western-guitars, Mandolines, Ukuleles, Acoustic bass, ...
    • Drums, Kongas, Bongos, Cajons...
      (A soundhole cover is necessary if the instrument should be played amplified)

  • Due to an autonomous connector it can be used in parallel with an existing transducer-/piezo system
  • No cables are hanging across the outside of your instrument.
  • No power supplies or batteries needed
    AnyMic/i is -like any other  condenser microphone- powered  from phantom power of the microphone cable
    So you can forget about any 'empty battery troubles'.
  • No cut-outs for equalizer & battery compartments needed in the instrument.
  • Impact on instrument is 'minimal-invasive'
  • Easiest change of microphone cartridge (push/pull) within minutes.
  • Very easy mounting in 10-15 minutes ... all from the outside
    You do not even have to loosen the strings ...
  • Slim-line XLR connector with gold-plated contacts
  • Active circuit with extreme low-noise transistors
  • In the series no electrolytic capacitors are used that suffer from aging; i.e. long-life without impact on sound.
  • By differential transmission technology (a.k.a "balanced"/"symmetric") influencing electrical noise will be eliminated  (noise elimination).
  • AnyMic/i is pretty light-weight - its total weight is ~25 grams of which 15 grams is for the XLR connector.
    • the gooseneck makes out just ~4 grams - including the microphone cartridge.



  • Mounting hole: 19mm (3/4 inch standard), (Fixating screws: 2,9x9,5mm or M3x10)
  • Monting area: 36x22mm
  • Mounting time: 10..15 minutes
 AnyMic I Placement

By the way of mounting an AnyMic/i hangs in free airspace (sonic space) inside your instrument just about 3 centimeters away from the vibration center and does not touch the top (soundboard), bridge or saddle in any way.

This preserves the integrity of your instrument by 100% ...

AnyMic needs:

  • A microphone Input at the acoustic amplifier or mixer (usualy XLR) with phantom power (24-48 volts; market standard)
  • A built-in or external equalizer is recommended but not a must ...

You probably have this already, if you have worked with usual microphones before ...

Why AnyMic/i?

  • Positioning in front of traditional microphones with microphone stands is history with an AnyMic/i. AnyMic/i is and remains in the position where it is mounted - regardless how the musician moves with the instrument - in the studio, on stage or where ever else.

  • The instrument sound is -picked up by a high-grade microphone- much more natural than with any other solution.
    As a 'true microphone' it measures moving air-molecules which is a million times more precise than piezo pickups can do.

  • Audience noises (e.g. door-flapping, steps, caughing & rusteling) will be far better shielded, if the microphone is built into the instruments body. With the soundhole covered an AnyMic/i hears the pure instrument even better.
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