Last review: May 2018

Abstract (long version here)

Protecting your privacy has utmost priority for us.

We  uncompromisingly honor your privacy ... therefore first things first ...

  • We do not send 'newsletters' or use your email-address for any other  purpose than sending the documents from trades with you.

  • We will never ask you for bank account numbers or credit card numbers, since we do not need such information for the accepted payment methods.

  • We provide 'Like'- & 'Share'-Buttons of usual social networks on our WEB pages. It you take advantage of this service you implicitly agree, that our service transmits your IP address to the chosen service at your social network in order to make the connection with your social network for the action that you have requested by clicking the button.

Data collection

We collect only those data from you that are absolutely necessary for the business process in online-trade. i.e. your delivery address and your email address to provide you with the information of your buy.

Data access

For years our system uses sophisticated access protection processes, in order to prevent system break-in.

  • Nobody -except us- has access to the system.
  • The server access is protected by cryptographic access methods and email is only sent-out on secure and encrypted transport layers.
  • Under no circumstances 'third parties' have access to your data that is not fundamentally neccessary for an actual part of the business process.

If logged-in on our WEB site (as a registered user) you have always access to your 'Customer profile' and can delete things yourself that you have provided in addition to your neccessary delivery data; e.g. telephone numbers or other contact data.

Data deletion

On request we will delete your customer account. But be aware that your complete customer history will be deleted by such an action.