Warranty claims in Germany & EU are much easier to handle, since this situation is free from customs regulations.

In general pack the  product to be returned well. We cannot check the reason of your warranty claim, if the returned product comes in a damaged packing. At best you use the packing as you received the product or pack it adequately.

Never just return the product to us. Contact us before you return anything to us. We will supply you with a 'warranty case indentification code' (warranty-ID) by which this case is identified and handled. We also supply you with a prepared sticker that holds all relevant information for a smooth return process.

Give us information what exactly you will return and by which order number or invoice number the delivery happend. If you did not buy the product through the online-shop but from one of our registered resellers or partners, then provide us with a copy of the invoice of the reseller/partner that clearly states the date of purchase and the resellers/partners location. Also provide a copy of the warranty card that holds the resellers/partner ID-code. So we can easily verify, that you have bought the product from legal sources.

Send this information with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


After reviewing this information we will turn to you and will supply you with your warranty-ID and the prepared sticker for a smooth return.

The 'retornation sticker' is provided by DHL-Express. So you can bring the packet to every DHL-Shop and deliver it  'charge-free' to us.

The only difference for users outside Gernamy but in another country of the European Union (EU) simply is, that it is 'international' but still free of customs regulations inside the EU: