AnyMic/4 ... 4 microphones 'in-a-box' for 'multi-microphoning' solutions
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AnyMic/4 is the 4-fold solution of its single channel variant AnyMic/1.

It is designed for multi-microphoning situations; e.g in drumsets or for instruments like xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, etc. or other 'spread instruments'.

The idea behind is to separate the enclosure of traditional 'handheld' microphones from the actual microphome cartridge/capsule as microphone capsules can be very tiny nowadays. The actual microphone caspule then goes  to the end the actual microphone cable which we call a 'cable microphone' that is fairly slim and offers the opportunity for 'hidden microphoning'.

Anymic/4 has four autonomous microphone channels that may be used as:

  • 4x single channel
  • 2x stereo channel
  • 1x quadrophonic channel

This makes AnyMic/4 ultra-fexibel in use. In particular all 'cable microphones' come with a VELCRO strap at the end and so a microphone stand or special microphone holders are in many cases not needed. With a 'cross-wrap' the cable microphone can be bound to any bar or pole, lever, pin or whatever that the  instrument or gear already provides. 

In single channel channel mode it might also be used to microphone a quartett with equal or different instruments - for instance.

  • Like all AnyMic products AnyMic/4 does not need any batteries or power supplies, since it is phantom-powered.
  • All inputs & outputs feature gold-plated contacts; so the device is well-prepared for use with high-end VOVOX 'sound conducters'


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