Dear customer {warranty_case___user_name},

We received the data of the warranty case you have submitted as follows:

Case reference  
 Case ID: {warranty_case___id}
Submission date: {warranty_case___date_time}  
 User ID  {warranty_case___user_id} 
 User name:  {warranty_case___user_name} 
 Real name:  {warranty_case___name} 
 Product reference  
... bought from:  {warranty_case___vendor} 
If bought from online shop ...  
Order number:  {warranty_case___order} 
If bought from reseller or partner ...  
Reseller/Partner ID  {warranty_case___reseller_id} 
 Reseller/Partner name  {warranty_case___reseller_name}  
Reseller/Partner location  {warranty_case___reseller_location} 
Reseller/Partner country  {warranty_case___reseller_country} 
Date of purchase  {warranty_case___date_of_purchase}  
 Your contact data  
Your Email address  {warranty_case___email_address}   
Your alternate Email address  {warranty_case___alt_email_address}    
 Your phone number  {warranty_case___phone}    

We will soon supply you with a badge that you can stick to your package for return.


Note for customers outside the European Union (EU) ...

Returns from non-EU countries are subject to 'customs regulations' It is essential that the customs documents state:

  • Reason: Warranty
  • Value: '0'

Otherwise we are charged with 'customs fee' and probably 'import tax'. We will charge you with these extranous costs and expect payment before we can return the repaired product or a replacement.

If we have received the returned product you will be notified.

You will also get notification if we have checked the returned product. Along with this notification you will get the result of this check and whether we have treated your warranty clain as 'granted'.

in case you want to relate to this warranty case please use the 'Case ID' from above, that we can identify the case.


Best regards ...