Customer classes

By default every registered customer is assigned to the customer class 'default buyer'; i.e. he/she is treated as a 'private person' or 'end-customer.'
For this customer class the VAT (Value Added Tax) is always applied following German trade law.
Buyers outside EU should take care of 'customs fee' and probable taxes that apply due to 'customs regulation' in their target country as we are in no way responsible for this.


Businessmen in the European Union (EU) can buy without VAT provided that they have supplied their 'Tax excemption number' in the customer profile and accept the 'Reverse-Charge-Method'' for paying tax themselves in their own country. The 'Tax-Usage-Type' is to be set to 'EU Reverse-Charge-Method' for businesses in EU countries.


Businessmen outside the European Union (non-EU) always buy without VAT. It is in your own responsibility to handle tax certainties that are in accordance with tax laws in your target country. 
For all other cases where you cannot get a Tax-Excemption-Number, we need a copy of your 'trade license'  to be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as a proof, that you are running a legal business and you are not a private person.

Note: Businesses in non-EU countries are subject to 'customs handling' of the target country. We are in no way responsible for dealing with your customs authorities.  Provided by us are just the documents that are needed for 'customs handling' for your country. All customs fees & taxes go on you.


We provide special discounts and priviledges for registered Resellers & Partners.

For details and conditions and how to apply for partnership see 'Resellers & Partners' in the menue.

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