AnyMic/i Sound Samples

Martin Wesely playing an AnyMic/i mounted into his brand-new flamenco guitar


 The same - but this time 'direct recording'; i.e. directly from cable into recorder with no amplifier or outside microphone involved.


Another sound sample running through a 3D spectrum analyser.
Several genres and styles.
Played on a SIGMA dreadnaught steel-string guitar

Direct recording; i.e. no amp or outside microphone involved. This gets you the maximum suppression of ambient and audience noises.



Some jamming on two guitars that are equiped with AnyMic/i

3rd Braunschweiger Guitar Days, 15-Sep-2018 ...


Info pages

 For your convenience we have put together some informational sub-section for you.

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For all devices and accessories manufactured by musIC we render a 3-year-warranty starting with the date of purchase.

Excluded from this 'manufacturer-warranty' are:

  • Batteries & accus
  • Damage, that is caused by inappropriate usage
  • Damage caused by accidents & fire


For devices and accessories of other manufacturers, please place your warranty claims directly at those manufacturers.



Partner program

Shake HandsmusIC - Partner program

musIC partners are qualified instrument makers (e.g. luthiers), that can benefit from exclusive privileges, that musIC Pro-Audio Engineering renders on request.



  • A global extra partner discount of 10% for all musIC products on top of the reseller-discount is granted.
  • musIC products in a  cost-efficient 'bulk' packaging - exclusive for partners.
  • Special 'bonus offers' exclusive for partners with extra discounts of up to 10% on particular products on top of the global partner discount.

    (In the shop only viewable for customers with 'partner' state)


  • Certificate of a qualified education as a luthier or other qualified musical instrument maker.
  • Trade license or similar.
    (Sorry, but  for reasons of fairness we cannot accept 'hobby luthiers' and such)


  • Mounting service for AnyMic/i is provided and is conducted in accordance with the 'Mounting Guide'
  • At least one demo instrument with an AnyMic/i is always available.
  • An acoustic amp, mobile PA system or something adequate is always available for demo purposes.
    Essential is an XLR microphone input that provides phantom-power and a microphone cable.
    (Please describe by text in the agreement form)

If you are interessted in this 'partner program' and accept the basic conditions outlined above, then please chose the agreement form in the menu. Then provide your approval documents. You may also check, that your delivery address data is complete in your customer profile.

You must be a registered user and logged-in to do so. (Just to keep SPAMmers away.)


After succesfully checking your contact data and the documents we change your customer state to 'Partner'.

You will see your new state, if you return after a while and click on 'Application form' again when logged-in.
You will see then that your Partner-ID is set and thus your customer state has changed to 'partner'.

With your state changed you will see directly the discounted prices in the shop.

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